8 Incredible Benefits of Good Posture

From pain to mental health to confidence, posture affects more than you think. Recent studies highlight these incredible benefits of good posture:

  1. Eliminate pain
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Positivity
  4. Self-Esteem and Confidence
  5. Energy
  6. Productivity
  7. Breathing
  8. Blood circulation

Let’s be honest—your posture likely isn’t something you put too much thought into. As you go about your day, you probably aren’t thinking about whether your shoulders are pushed back or if your spine is maintaining its natural curves. In today’s world, it is so easy to find ourselves in a slump—literally. We slouch over our computer on our desk at work, we are constantly looking down at our phones as we are walking down the street, and once we are finally home, we flop onto the couch, paying little attention to our posture as we turn on Netflix to rewatch The Office.

Posture may not be something we are consistently thinking about, but it isconstantly affecting our mind and body. There really is more to posture than just looking poised and powerful—although that definitely is a part of it. Your posture actually plays a huge part in your physical and mental well being, and the little ways you move your body throughout the day have a larger impact on your life and health than you may think. Good posture will help you…

1. Eliminate Pain

With poor posture, stress is put on your body, causing strain your muscles. This results in tightness, fatigue, and aches. It can cause strain around your head and neck, resulting in tension headaches, and your back is prone to physical suffering as well. Good posture can work to prevent this by putting your muscles in the most stress-free position possible, so that they aren’t overworking.

Similarly, improving your posture helps to reduce the risk of a multitude of potential pains throughout your neck, shoulder, and back. Practice managing a good posture today and your future-self will thank you.

The effects of posture don’t just stop at the muscles—your bones can be impacted as well. By implementing good posture, you are preventing bone wear, and as a result diseases like osteoarthritis and scoliosis.

2. Reduce Your Stress

Better breathing helps to calm the mind, and a calm mind is stress-free mind. With good posture, as your testosterone increases and cortisol (which is linked to stress) decreases, you’ll be able to reduce your levels of mental strain. No one is completely immune to stress, but sitting up straight will help you cope and build your resilience to it.

3. Keep Things Positive

We have all heard that the mind and body share a connection, but they may be even more in tune than you think. In a recent study, 74 participants were assigned to either slump in their chairs or sit upright, and then were asked to complete a few written and verbal tasks. Researchers found that the slumping participants used more negative words to describe their emotions and opinions of themselves and their abilities. On the other hand, the upright participants reported higher self-esteem and used positive words to describe their moods. While we are all prone to a little negativity here and there, standing up straight can help you keep your mind clear to maintain a positive outlook.

4. Look (and feel!) Confident

We can’t talk about posture without talking about confidence. Growing up, you were probably scolded to “sit up straight” at least a handful of times, and despite the negative tone, it was all well intentioned—good posture makes you appear self-assured and alert, and all around imparts a positive impression on others.

However, there is so much more to posture beyond looking good—it can majorly influence your mental state as well. Research has shown that when you sit (or stand) up straight, your confidence levels spike. In a very basic sense, maintaining a confident posture helps produce higher levels of testosterone, the hormone linked to power, while limiting cortisol, which is the stress hormone. With good posture, your confidence won’t just be a facade—you’ll truly feel it as well!

5. Boost Your Energy

Feeling the mid workday struggle? Your posture can help give you the energy boost you so desperately crave. Before you reach for your third (okay, fourth…) cup of coffee, take note of your posture. Good posture has been linked to improved energy levels, and can help you become much more alert. Sit up straight, and you may be able ward off the midday slump without another cup of joe!

6. Increase Your Productivity

The increased levels of testosterone don’t just affect your confidence. That hormone boost can also help your productivity and concentration, by making you feel powerful and up for the task. Interestingly, this change in hormone can happen within two minutes of adjusting your posture. If you’re looking for a quick fix to get yourself focused and productive, one of the most useful tools is your body itself!

7. Open Up Your Breathing

Slouching in your chair isn’t doing your lungs any favors. Your posture has an impact on your internal organs, and your lungs can function a lot more effectively if you are mindful of it. Keeping a straight spine can increase your lung capacity by 30 percent.

It’s no secret that deep breathing plays a huge part in keeping calm. With more oxygen being delivered to your brain, you will feel more at ease and focused, which leads us to…

8. Keep Your Blood Moving

Poor posture can compress the blood vessels in your body, inhibiting the flow of blood. Good posture helps your blood flow through your body smoothly, swiftly getting it to where it needs to be. Healthy blood circulation is necessary for a multitude of reasons, including aiding your digestive system in properly breaking down food and maintaining a healthy blood pressure level.

Your posture isn’t something you can fix overnight—it requires awareness and a conscious effort. But with the proper exercises and dedication, you can improve your posture and, as a result, reap the many incredible benefits that a good posture can do for your body and mind!

Original Post: https://headsupposture.com/2018/07/23/why-posture-is-important-benefits-of-good-posture/

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