PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace
PelvicPro™ Brace

PelvicPro™ Brace

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    Misalignment. A pain in your back may come about for any number of reasons and in many cases misalignment is the underlying cause of low back pain. Some of the main reasons of pelvic/hips being out of alignment are:

    • Bad seating and standing habits
    • Scoliosis
    • Carrying bags on one side
    • Pregnancy
    • Twisting and rotating during sleep
    • Crossing or folding legs
    • Past injuries
    • Stretching imbalances
    • Congenital disorders
    • Post operation
    • Poor footwear
    • Poor core strength
    • Pronation (collapsed arches)

    About this product:


    PelvicPro Brace is a uniquely designed brace with strong elastic bands that are symmetrically distributed on both sides of pelvic bones and pressed on the lower back from four directions respectively. 

    Material: Spandex
    Color: Black
    Size: approx. 131cm x 10.5cm
    Adjustable, flexible, lightweight and breathable.

    Helps Alleviate: 

    • Lower Back Pain
    • SI Joint Dysfunction
    • Misaligned Pelvis or Hip
    • Joint Inflammation
    • Sciatica

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Who can wear this brace? Men and women of all ages can benefit from this belt, so long as the circumference of their hips falls within a range of 131cm x 10.5cm (L x W), Fit Hip about 82-100cm. A pregnant woman can even wear this support so long as her belly does not take her past the size limit. 

    When should I wear it? You should always follow a doctor’s instructions regarding usage. But generally speaking, you can safely wear this belt whenever you need extra support and/or pain relief. 

    What is the delivery time? Due to limited supply as a result of the competitive price, please allow 2- 5 weeks shipping time.

    How do I wear the brace? Please refer to the image below.


    Always keep this in mind:

    Correcting your bad posture isn’t going to happen overnight.

    You are going to have to work very hard, put on support braces/corrector and do exercises every day over a long period of time to see success.

    You will have to be disciplined and push on, even if you don’t want to but it will be worth it.

    Your body is your vehicle through this experience we call life. It is your key to success. Treat it well and it will repay you a thousand times.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews

    This is one terrific product. I have severe SI dysfunction and have been trying to remedy my ailment with cortisone shots, physical therapy, etc. Nothing seemed to help until I read up on this belt. I decided to order and try it and to my amazement I just put it on and I am feeling so much better. I really can’t believe it. I told my chiropractor as well, and he wanted to see it. I am going to use it as prescribed by the company. This is a very exceptional product by this company. Please keep up the good work. I am so glad that there was this product to help me to relieve my SI


    Omg, are you like me, have at least five back braces in your closet? Trying to find the perfect one, well if you have simply lower back, it hurts when you bend and lift stuff repeatedly, this is your livesaver....I work at a Warehouse and this has saved my back.


    Wish I would of bought this belt along time ago. What a difference it has made in my hips, lower back & right sciatic nerve pain. I am not pain free but it is way less. I highly recommend this type of support for anyone needing relief from these areas from pain.


    Belt arrived promptly and sealed tightly. I wore the belt all weekend as I worked (waitressing) and it worked as advertised. Velcro is very secure and the belt is very stretchy. I’m fairly slender so I’m not sure how it would fit on someone bigger, but with the amount of stretch it has it should accommodate various larger sizes as well. The belt provided excellent support for my SI joint and I didn’t hurt nearly as bad as before after work. Of course depending on your condition and severity, I would definitely recommend this belt as I does provide the additional support.


    its been sometime since i had a lower back pain due to holding my kid during a recent vacation.. went to a physiotherapist and he suggested to wear a belt to support and relieve pain. this belt does a good job to relieve pain and regain strength to carry on with routine activities. overall a good buy