Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)
Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)

Light Therapy Knee Brace (Medical)

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About this product:

We bring you new technology based on NASA research regarding healing with infrared light, proven safe and effective!

Easy to use infrared light aids healing, regenerates cells, soothes sore muscles and chronic pain relieves stiffness!

Infrared technology has provided medicine with a new tool capable of delivering light deep into tissues of the body!

Stretchable strap attaches to back of pad or itself for easy placement! Increases circulation a safe alternative to drugs with intriguingly rapid effects and holistic healing capabilities.



Light penetration approximately 4" to 9" increases circulation and is aid in the relief of hundreds of symptoms. Here are just a few:

Arthritis & Osteoarthritis


Back Pain


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Tennis and Golfers Elbow

Inflammatory Conditions

Joint Pain

Knee Problems

Ligament Tears

Neck Pain

Muscle Pain

Orthopedic Disorders

Post-Operative scaring

Post-Surgical Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sports Injuries





Generally, Red Light Therapy is used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, increase blood circulation, promote wound healing, stimulate the production of collagen, stimulate the release of ATP, increase lymphatic system activity, edema, increase RNA and DNA synthesis, stimulate fibroblastic activity, stimulate connective tissue projections, stimulate acetylcholine and many more.

What is Red Light Therapy (also known as Infrared Light)

Red Light Therapy is biologically optimal for pain treatment and holistic wound healing. Monochromatic visible light stimulated DNA production, growth of normal cells, and many other basic functions of living organisms. It is scientifically proven to speed up healing and relieve pain anywhere in your body.

Once infrared light passes through your skin (it can penetrate up to 5 cm deep!), it I s absorbed in the damaged cells and transforms them back to a healthy state.

Simply put, it boosts microcirculation in the injured area, which brings pain relieving and healing nutrients and breaks up inflammation – faster and better.

To conclude, here what infrared therapy does to your body

  • Increases microcirculation in the tissues
  • Increases tissue oxygenation (meaning, more oxygen is being released from the bloodstream)
  • Improves energy production in damaged cells by stimulating enzymes in the mitochondria to utilize oxygen more efficiently

Most people report noticeable pain relief after the first treatment, but results are accumulative so the more you use it the better you’ll get.

Does Red Light Therapy Works?

Red Light Therapy is so safe that it’s being used in hospital neonatal care units to keep newborn babies warm and to treat jaundice. Studies so far have found no adverse side effects or risks from using red light therapy, in short, or long-term use.

Will this burn my skin?

Our knee brace does NOT need to get as hot on the surface like other inferior surface heat products sold today to be effective.  Our knee brace will never burn you and will never need to get too hot to deliver the therapeutic pain relief. Stop burning your skin with those over the counter gel pads or rice wraps that don’t really work and can never be as effective because you need a lot of heat to get barely any to transfer to your skin or even penetrate under your skin.

Our knee brace that takes all the guesswork and makes it extremely easy to manage your chronic pain and also helps you heal faster by promoting more blood flow and cell repair to the affected area of your body.

More pictorial information below:

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Note: Floof Bloof’s products are not a substitute for medical care. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Pregnant women and individuals with pacemakers or insulin pumps should obtain advice from their doctor before using.

Customer Reviews

Based on 335 reviews

After cycling and loading my bike on my truck I strap on the knee wraps. They can be used via USB but don't get as hot. I have a small 12V to 110V adapter and plug the wraps in. Because of their design I can drive without any issues all the while my knees are getting a heat treatment. Do they really got hot? If left on high (red selection) they will get too hot and I need to back off to white or the lowest setting blue. By the time I get home I have no pain in my knees. Highly recommend these wraps!


Was skeptical at first, but boy this product works like wonder on my knee arthritis pain! Planning to get more soon.


One of my knee has ligament tear and did the surgery four years ago. The surgery went successful, but my knee ached sometime, especially after hiking or carrying heavy stuff more than one hour. This heated wrap mitigates my pain quite well. I like the cordless design, so I can use it anywhere. Moreover, this wrap can be used for other body parts. I use it on my wrist one time, and it worked very well.


My arthritis in my knees has been a pita for years and wanted to give this brace a run for its money. I definitely feel better after using it for 20 minutes a day. Granted your arthritis won't go away but it makes it relieves pain for a while.


This is a great product. Having the heat eases the ache while giving support.