Waterfall Backflow Censers
Waterfall Backflow Censers
Waterfall Backflow Censers
Waterfall Backflow Censers
Waterfall Backflow Censers
Waterfall Backflow Censers
Waterfall Backflow Censers

Waterfall Backflow Censers

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About this product:

This premium made porcelain waterfall incense burner will take your relaxation time to the next level. The soft sound from the waterfall mixed with the delicious scents of your choice makes for an amazing experience.


This ceramic burner has been carefully handcrafted from elegant ceramic. Its unique design is built to let the smoke from the incense linger behind. Creating a more calm and soothing atmosphere to your place almost instantly



  • Eliminate stress - Science vouches that fragrance from incense activates the ion channels in our brain that removes anger and anxiety. The aroma of smoke is capable of reducing heart rates, and soothing the nerve pathways within the brain to make you feel completely relaxed and at peace. 
  • Boost focus and concentration - Most people believe that burning incense is a yogic ritual, but the truth is that it promotes mindfulness and concentration, so you can burn it whenever you feel the need to be fully aware. For instance, while you are work, studying, doing yoga or anything else, incense can help you concentrate.
  • Dispel negative energy - Incense is a great remedy to eliminate negativity and drive out all impurities from your soul and surroundings. Modern science also reveals that the smoke of incense is filled with potent fungicidal, insecticidal and antibacterial powers, which keeps your environment free of pollutants. Remember, a clean and pure environment is the most beneficial strategy to keep the mind energetic and the body healthy.
  • Therapeutic- Incense contains a powerful variety of plants, and various different parts of herbs that boost potent chemicals, nutrients and naturally-occurring compounds to stimulate the mind and trigger the production of therapeutic brain chemicals and happy hormones. 
  • Easy & Safe To Use - Simply plug in, light incense cone/ stick and enjoy. The waterfall is easy to move and can be portable if desired.

 Package includes:

  • x 1 Incense burner
  • FREE x 10 Incense Cones


Customer Reviews

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Backflow Censers


It is really nice to watch. It helps me to relax. Looks really nice with a misting color changing in the back ground. Is gorgeous


I enjoy watching the smoke come down like water.


The smoke flows very nicely down the ridges to begin with. The inscense it came with smells like butt, BUT other than that pretty its cool my dude!


Loved it! Does exactly what was expected! I gave this to my grandparents as a gift and they loved it. Not only is it an incense holder, it’s a beauty while burning